The Influence of Tech in Building Business on Social: Everything You Need to Know

Building business on social? Read this article and discover more about the influence of tech in building business on social! Get all information you need here!

A few days ago, Facebook hosted the Partner for Performance Summit in Cape Town and Johannesburg. These were two exclusive events that share the power of Facebook Marketing partners with clients and agencies.

The most important message that was delivered on this Summit is that FMPs or Facebook Marketing Partners provide specific value to clients guaranteeing business expansion. By partnering with agencies and clients in the local region, we must say that all parties benefit. This was said by the partner manager for Facebook in the region, Paulo Picazio.

Ad-tech and marketing is a relatively a new concept to the African marketer’s combination with little or no understanding of the profit-driven marketing that relies on business objectives. At the event, Joe Cummiskey said that all marketers need to have more relevant business discussions and not social ones.

The popular Facebook network includes Facebook, Facebook Audience Network, and Instagram, now makes sure that 1 in 4 minutes spent online on the smartphones is spent on the Facebook platforms. Why, you asked?

The reason that so many users engage is, of course, the purpose and the relevance, with a main focus on the overall user’s experience. And for brands and businesses to keep relevance, tech becomes crucial.

One CMO survey announced a huge increase in spending on social (over a seven-year period there was 234% increase). This research shows that brands and businesses are finally experienced the value of media spent on social. Another important information for the CMO survey was the finding that almost half of the businesses or 44.1% stated that they have not been able to present the impact of their social media spending and only 4.6% announced that the social media networks contribute very highly to business performance and efficiency.

If you are a Facebook Marketing Partner, you probably think that this finding is unacceptable. You are probably aware of the huge potential for business expansion through social media networks and the millions of dollars wasted on badly performed social media campaigns. This is absolutely devastating for poor countries such as South Africa which seriously needs to grow and nurture the SME economy.

Being a Facebook Marketing Partner means that you not only have access to beta products and testing (which is not available to agencies and brands) but you also have tech that enables brands to save time and scale. The most important thing you can take advantage of is, of course, the possibility to drive profit-driven marketing.

We suppose that you are interested in becoming a Facebook Marketing Partner, as becoming one has many benefits. However, you should know that the qualifying criteria to become a Facebook Marketing Partner is very rigid. It includes a requirement for the tech to stand to its promises, to create a data-driven approach to campaigns and to build additional value than the platform provides.

Research has consistently proven that clicks have absolutely no correlation to conversion, sales, and business expansion so you probably ask yourself why should marketers measure and identify metrics that have absolutely no business correlation.

The investment into Facebook Marketing Partners in South Africa from Facebook is a special one for all of us. Why?

Because this means that the marketers are going to be exposed to and they can finally take advantage of the benefits of add tech and successfully build business on social.

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Building business on social has never been easier!

“all marketers need to have more relevant business discussions and not social ones”
Joe Cummiskey
Head of Sales – FACEBOOK

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